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Overview centers

ARGE Zentren-Übersicht

The Bavarian Technology and Start-Up Centers



With over 50 centers we promote and support the start-up of companies and their development. 

We contribute significantly to a dynamic start-up culture and strong entrepreneurship in Bavaria.

We maintain a sustainable focus on the continual growth of innovative companies in the State.





ARGE TGZ Mission

We  promote and support sustainable start-up and development of start-ups and their development and contribute significantly to Bavaria remaining No. 1 as a technology location. We maintain a sustainable focus on the continual growth of innovative companies in the State.







ARGE TGZ Leitbild

As a working group of the Bavarian Technology and Start-up Centers we stand for a dynamic start-up culture and sustainable entrepreneurship. Our infrastructure and our know-how helps companies in our centers to successfully position themselves in international competition.






Guiding Principles

ARGE TGZ Leitbild

We promote the growth of the Bavarian economy and significantly support start-ups in Bavaria. With our many years of of experience and expertise we maintain focus on framework conditions for company start-ups and the creation of employment positions for qualified people in Bavaria.

We support our member centers as players in regional economic development in the planning, construction and operation of centers, the initiation of and consultation to start-ups. Together with the Bavarian players we promote knowledge and technology transfer as well as networking of the start-ups nationally and abroad.

At meetings and continuing education we offer the opportunity to exchange with each other on current topics and thereby provide a platform for collegial discussion. Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Developement and Energy is represented at regular intervals at these events.



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